My Alpha impressions, ingame and forum-wise


Ok, First of all: Thanks a lot for a hack'n'slay Warhammer-Game. That's awesome, I love it!

Now for my points of criticism (and there a quite a lot of them, some of them really nasty). 

The Game itself:
-although alpha, at least the chat should function. I've just chatted with some awesome people. They were nice, they were communicative, they communicated with each other and helped each other by discussing game mechanics. But no one of us could see the char/acc name and as some twisted chaos plus, parts of our conversations got cut off. Seriously, that can't stand.
-The chat window has appearently some will of its own and sometimes appears and fades as it likes.
-Ok, all those more or less annoying bugs are the price which has to payed when one wants to play alpha. In this respect I've got nothing to complain about.

The Forum:
-Seriously, either I haven't found out yet how to navigate it comfortably or it is not designed to be navigated this way. Call me oldfashioned (which to a certain extent is more than true since I date back to the original star wars movie), but in my days there was a forum navigation which gave me a link to my designated subforum and when logging back in, I was in that forum. Not in some devious super-forum-overview that showed me all kind of other threads that honestly don't interest me at all.
Why would I like to see some info on Van Helsing for some console? I came here to read about to purge heresy!

How information is spread about latest changes:
-Yes, I know, all kinds of channels are available now. Twitter, Facebook, .... Please stick to the forums. Spread the links to that forum via all channels you care, but please don't make me visit some other platforms whatsoever. I've got enough googling and internet crawling already in my job, I don't need that.

About hellbeavers:
These little and quite handsome creatures just exist for two purposes alone. Eat away hell and eat away me lying about telling something relevant about them here in this thread. 

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My Alpha impressions, ingame and forum-wise
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7 years 79 days ago

You are Welcome, 'fellow Inquisitor!

If you have any suggestions about the layout or the filter's usage (or anything), please share your thoughts with us! : ]

7 years 80 days ago
Jim Fox

Thanks for your reply. I will take a deeper look into the way I can configure the Community HUB to adjust it better to my needs. :)

7 years 80 days ago

Hey there!

About our community site: in our Community HUB you need to filter the main page's "content feed", it's like a "thread wall" or a community site's post feed, it's not like a classical "forum" list, it's a mix of official blog-like posts and community thoughts (about anything what is related to Neocore Games).

It's maybe a little confusing or not so clear at the first time, but if you know what you wanna see or do in there, it's just a few clicks for anybody (easy to find & create a new post).

And ofc, we would like to optimize it's layout and navigational UX in the future, so thank you for your feedback, we are working on it and in the meantime; happy purging!

This comment was edited 7 years 80 days ago by Jim Fox
7 years 81 days ago

Information that is official is all in the forums :) there has been much question and speculation that players are feeling left out because they don't use the social media, in truth if you join discord yes you get to talk to the staff so you might be able to ask a few question, much like posting a forum post etc. But anything official is always put within the forums, so you won't miss anything buddy. 

Happy purging <3