Multiple game breaking bugs


I recently purchased this game on the PSN store during the sale. I made a crusader as my first character and everything started out fine. However, I am now stuck on The Martyr: Chapter 2. I am 5/6 and it says that I need to "Get Uther's Tarot from the Archeotek vault". I cannot access this anywhere and am stuck in the campaign. The second bug I am having is in creating new characters. I really want to try out the assassin and the psyker. I create the characters but cannot progress past the first mission. I kill the enemies and open the door via the cutscene. The cutscene ends, the door is open, and my character is no where to be seen. It says to press the center button to end the mission, but nothing happens when I press it. I am able to move my camera around. 

I have been really enjoying this game so far. Is there anything that I can do to fix these problems?

My PSN ID is Forrix4

Thanks in advance!

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Multiple game breaking bugs
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4 years 21 days ago

we have been working on the solution for some time now, there have been some changes yesterday on our backend and further fixes are to be expected within the shortest time possible. Extremely sorry for the issue you experienced!

4 years 22 days ago
I logged on today and everything is working! I was able to do the mission to get Uther's Tarot on my crusader. I was also able to progress past the first campaign mission as both the assassin and the psyker and select the second mission. I had no problems with the psyker, but at first the assassin bugged out at the end and went to the overall world select screen without the option to select a campaign mission. I realized that the psyker was a new toon I made just now and the assassin was a character I made yesterday. I deleted the assassin, made a new one, and everything worked. Perhaps having a bugged character prevented the fix? Anyways, thank you for fixing this for me! Hopefully it is fixed for everyone else as well! Praise be the Emperor!
4 years 22 days ago
Sorry to tell you that the game is completely broken and unplayable right now with the newest hotfix.  You will not progress on any level at all in this game period til it is fixed.  You wont be able to start missions or get past the tutorial...hell even creating a character is broken unless you restart the game and come back which makes no sense as what I just said will happen and your stuck anyways.

I went ahead on Sony live chat and got my full refund as Im not sticking around.  Especially if another issue happens again, you will be waiting days and days for a potential fix.  I just cant support that.