Multiplayer stopped working


Software: Windows10 pro with all updates, drivers, DirectX, Visual C++ 2005 - 2015, Net framework, Hamachi. Standart windows antivirus.

Hardware: processor i5 3470, RAM 8GB (4x2Gb Samsung 1333Mhz), motherboard MSI "Z68S-G43 (G3)", SSD 60Gb OCZ "Agility 3", HDD WD10EZEX, 500W Chieftec "GPA-500S". Router Huawei WS 325.

Problem: First time we run game with my friend with multiplayer and everything was perfect, but on the next day multiplayer didn't work! We did no changes in any Windows or router setting. Other games working fine in multiplayer (like Resident evil 6 for instance).

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Multiplayer stopped working
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7 years 56 days ago

What happens exactly? You can't connect, the mission doesn't load, or is there a crash?