"Multiplayer game in progress, do you want to reconnect?" Every time game loads up


this is a benign bug i believe as the only issue is the prompt itself popping up whenever i start the game up. this happened after i dropped from a multiplayer session awhile ago, and it just keeps popping up. It hasnt affected gameplay at all or anything, its just the prompt the game seems to be stuck thinking im in a multiplayer session i dc'd from. I dont know its kinda weird lol . Pretty benign bug, but getting rid of it would help the game feel more polished.

Store Page
42 days ago

The servers were unfortunately unstable over the weekend due to certain backend problems. We fixed the problem just an hour which is expected to stabilize the servers so no more disconnections or random players joining in missions should occur (or at least at a much lower frequency).

Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.