Multiplayer damage bug, more damage = less damage


It seems like if you do significant damge in multiplayer somehow you do less damage.  It isn't consistant to where we added someone to our group and it came closer to what it should have been.  In 3 player i had an ability that listed 4x the damage of another ability but it was doing 1/2 damage.  Then we added someone and it started doing maybe 50-100% more than the weaker ability.  The damage numbers are consistant(150-250k on my bio-lightning, I have lots of vulnerability stacking) but the amount their hp moves is not.

Even if the damage #s i see are wrong my bio-lightning can hit for less than my warp blast from my warp rod..

If any dev reads this would you rather i post each bug seperate or all together..theres a short list of other things that I'm getting around to eventually to post here.

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Multiplayer damage bug, more damage = less damage
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