Moving while shooting


Greetings, I am KhornesChampion. I have played 4 missions of the game now and I am quite impressed with a lot of things. Knowing that it is the alpha there isn't much I can complain about. The biggest thing that I need to get off my chest is the combat. The inability to move and shoot with all weapons I find to be really inhibiting to creating dynamic and interesting combat. Super heavy weapons like the heavy bolter and plasma cannon I can understand needing to stand still to fire (although I still don't think they should). Movement speed while firing should be varied based on the weapons being used but I desperately think it needs to be there. My biggest fear for the full game is that because of the inability to shoot and move, there will have to be a "Designated Tank" in every group and I fear that it might hinder solo play. One person will have to run into a group of enemies, grab aggro and tank damage while standing still, when the other characters stand still and shoot what they can. Being able to move and shoot will also reward high skill players who will be able to move and dodge the projectiles being fired at them (for the most part). I do love that most projectiles have travel time and physics. It is very cool.

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Moving while shooting
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7 years 111 days ago
i agree
7 years 111 days ago
With some weapons, you can. Can't remember which, but (think it was Boltrifle or something) there's a skill (activated on '2', you can probably find the weapon in question by skill description), you can retreat slowly and shoot, also run around fast and shoot. Maybe there are more on other weapons...
7 years 111 days ago
While I do agree with your viewpoint KhornesChampion, I believe this may be the design they are looking for. Diablo has always been this way (in no way am I comparing this to Diablo, so far I prefer this over both Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, both games I have over 300 hours with.)

Diablo lets you move and attack with certain skills. You can't run around swinging away. If they decide to change this, it will make for perhaps a more interesting take on combat. Inquisitors have never known to be nimble beings, instead they instill fear in their enemies by overpowering. Which may be another reason they force the player to stop and attack. We will see, but no matter what, this is going to be a damn good game.

As for aggro, tanking, dps, and all that fun stuff - I do not believe that will be part of Inquisitor Martyr. MMOs have that concept, but ARPGs typically do not. If they choose to incorporate it, cool, but then you force people to choose what they want to do.

7 years 111 days ago

I think you're thinking of the combat system utilized by games such as Alien Swarm, where movement is key based rather than point and click like more traditional ARPGs. I like the idea, as this game currently has both and I find the point and click can be conflicting at times (beginning a move when trying to target, etc.)

Also that would probably be an easier method to port to controller

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7 years 111 days ago

Go look in your key bindings it can be made  to move   with WASD  but default its bound to the arrows  which nobody uses anymore.

Being able to move is a big thing.  Especially when your having to attack and dodge at the same time.   You cant attack  then dodge everything.  well you can but you wont kill anything before they kill you.  I can understand that  you would move  slower when firing as you need to aim your gun  but not  rooting the character in one place  the whole battle that's  not fun  and i don't know of any other  warhammer title  not even deathwing that  roots the character so they cant fire an move at the same time unless its weapons like the  heavy plasma  which usually does area  effect or the devastator  chain gun  which i am not sure if that in game but usually they have a set up time  then stay and shoot  where as single handed weapons  can attack on the  move.

7 years 110 days ago

Did that first game. It does help though I noticed a tendency for it to prioritize a mousclick over keys. This is extremely unhelpful when in a mass firefight and running for cover.

7 years 109 days ago
Posted by Shadow0300 7 years 110 days ago

Did that first game. It does help though I noticed a tendency for it to prioritize a mousclick over keys. This is extremely unhelpful when in a mass firefight and running for cover.

Personally I think it ought to be a toggle for 'mouse movement' so people can have it either way.

Given the ranged combat in my experience so far, I'd prefer the movement on keys with targeting on the mouse setup, or a duel stick controller setup. But melee I would perfer the classic 'click to move and interact' we've got now. Possibly tying the setting for that to weapon setup (so swapping to setup 2 would swap controls if I configure it that way) would provide maximum flexibility with minimal design effort.