movement and firing


So far after a few hours .  GFX seem a bit "flat"  sprite like at full pull back on the camera. (assuming will be adjusted) I'm finding the angle of the cam far too "top down" for my tastes, though, that could be due to having the player character ded set in the center of the screen. a slight cam angle adjustment say 5 degrees up, or moving it more overhead the player character bringing it closer to the bottom of the screen may fix the "feel" of it ...

Graphics feel floatey, like they arent too "grounded" or "flat", (lack of soft shadows on the character models and textures seem to be the culprit ) though again am assuming that'll be adjusted in time.   

Movement is somewhat clunky with both keyboard control and still having mouse click-move. A setting to put it one way or the other with out any overlapping control would be nice ... another suggestion for a bit of the clunky feel , is the  facing of the character to the mouse pointer while keeping the movement keys orientation BASED on the facing instead of the map orientation. 

Firing weapons and having to plant to fire is just ... feels off, and unreasonable. Anything outside of sniper rifles or heavy weapons should not hinder movement while firing honestly .. perhaps a spread or accuracy penalty would offset it a nice bit, but having to stop to fire a single round from pistols is honestly rediculous . 

Either way, so far things are fun, the grind and the rest, others have made the points better than i could...

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movement and firing
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6 years 319 days ago

I totally agree, at least for some weapons (pistols, maybe even rifles, maybe with an accuracy penalty) being able to shoot while moving would be really nice and improve game feel. It would probably have to slow you down though so you can't dodge enemy bullets and kill them at the same - that'd invalidate cover.

It would be harder to do with the standard diablo controls, but honestly I think they're really holding the game back. WASD (or buttons of your choice obviously) to move and mouse to shoot are the way forward - you can simply make a much more interesting and deeper game with them.

I agree with perhaps even a camera follows crosshair toggle - but also an edge-of-screen mouse rotates camera effect  toggle(this would also require a constrain mouse toggle for fullscreen windowed, which should probably exist anyway).

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6 years 318 days ago

Now that i think about it shooter style controls would actually grant the possibilty to add controller support if the devs want that.

6 years 319 days ago

I actually would like the game to be a little more shooter style regarding the controls. E.g. general movement with WASD, a button+WASD to dodge roll for the assassin class and the character facing the crosshair on the screen so you can move and shoot at the same time (not for sniper and/or heavy weapons of course).

Furthermore the camera right now does not give enough visibility of the area you are playing in. Maybe add a feature to move the camera up or down, or let us zoom out more, so we can play more tactical with the cover system. If you would choose to allow more shooter style controls a simple checkbox in the options to let the camera face to the crosshair would be nice as well.

In addition to that it would be nice if we could actually see if we can shoot over our own cover/enemy cover, maybe add some sort of laserpointer (toggle on/off in the options).

6 years 319 days ago

I think they temporarily took away the assault ability. Just an FYI in prior builds to the Steam early access, assault weapons allowed you to move and shoot. I'm assuming due to this post that may not be the case anymore. When I play later tonight, I'll equip some assault weapons and see what happens.