Don't know if this is a bug or working  as intended  when using the back movement key my town spins 180 degrees and then moves forward in the new direction if I fire he stops turns around and shoots. 

Was just wondering what my toon just doesn't simply backup facing  the enemy instead of spinning around every time a crank off a shot 

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1 year 94 days ago

I think that this kind of movement would make the "retreat while firing" abilities redundant. I'm all for it, as combined with a right-stick on a controller for aiming, it will make for a more twin-stick style of control, which I think is a good thing for a game like this.

1 year 95 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 95 days ago by Morzan
1 year 95 days ago

Thanks for the report, we will look into this :P Definitely not intended AFAIK.