most memorable moment so far


It's alpha and there's a lot to be worked out yet. But I had a moment yesterday which gave me a real rush and a sense of "that was so freaking awesome!"

I rocket jumped into the middle of a big pack of guys, taking out some of their health, and smashed the shield discharge ability which destroyed all of them. There was explosions and guts flying everywhere. And I was like "HELL YEAH. This is what I want in the game."

Usually that strategy only sends guys flying in every direction with some health leftover, and I scuttle around to pick them off one by one. But I must have done something right because that moment was epic.

What's been your coolest/most fun/most epic moment playing the game so far?

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most memorable moment so far
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7 years 93 days ago
Game kNight
Awesome feeling right?! I'm right there with you :D
7 years 94 days ago

Walking into a room and seeing a group of enemies clustered around an explosive container. I guess one of them triggered a mine or something cause they all exploded pretty big.  Or kiting a dreadnought around and watching it shoot his own guys in their backs while they try to catch up. :p 

7 years 94 days ago
Got Two

First Time using the Shield bash/Smash on a whole horde of Nurglings, All those exploding particle effects of gunk.

Going into a packed room and Overheating my Plasma Cannon switching to the Multi-melta and the first ability took it straight into Overheat from a single shot...Then fleeing that room till I had heat back

7 years 94 days ago
I saw this and wanted to go in and write: "Last night I tried a bit more of the Melee Crusader as the performance has gotten better. I did a jump pack jump into a crowd and used the shield slam ability just wrecking everyone! It was very satisfying!"

Then I saw your post and decided against it :P

Melee Crusader is really cool and it really keeps the pace up in the game, instead of standing around sucking up bullets :)