More Movement and Camera options


I would like to see an option to turn off character movement by mouse. I have always found this movement type to be too clunky for me. I can move my character with the WASD just fine.

I would also like to see and option for a chase camera that will auto turn to stay behind the character. Maybe a slightly better tilt than what we have now, as one does not get a very good look at what is up ahead.

More Key Bind options for movement would be nice too. In the absents of a chase camera, being able to bind the camera spin from the mouse to a Key would be very helpful.

My 2 cents for now

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More Movement and Camera options
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6 years 276 days ago

Hi, I’ve also just started this game with a few friends.

Adding my 2 cents as well.

By far the biggest issues/peeves we are ALL having is with character movement.

When I say issues, I mean cursing swearing bitching and shouting over the character movement.

Devs please consider adding/changing:

  • WASD movement for all classes, double tap key for dodge/roll/special move that direction.
    This is pretty common and should be familiar to a lot of people

  • Add an optional key modifier for mouse movement. IE shift click to move just click to shoot.
    Shift click, move “over there”,
    You can shoot on the way without running all over the map or through the middle of groups of mobs / acid pools instead because you managed to click on an open area when you were trying to shoot the “baddies”.

  •  Camera view always in the wrong place when you need it.
    align to what I’m shooting at would help, or perhaps a key to line up with the cursor/view.
    Plus the ¾ down view is painful, very frustrating, hoping the “several minor and one major change made to the camera in the future” help.


6 years 278 days ago
There will be several minor and one major change made to the camera in the future, so stay tuned!