More bugs in 2.0.0d (PC)


Using an XBox Controller for Windows PC - Account-  Chaz88 on the PC

1. The Tarot hazard that ‘costs you a life every five minutes’ does not reflect this on your screen, it still shows all your lives.  If this is working ‘behind the scenes’ as intended - then it’s possible this is why some players are saying they are losing without knowing why.

2. Crafting Capacity can go into minus figures, but more importantly - there is no notification when you have no Crafting Capacity left (other than paying attention) - maybe ‘grey out’ the options until you purchase more?

3. There is no means to replay the Void Crusade tutorial using a controller, plus there is a mouse close option in the top right corner.  Overall support for the controller in the Void Crusade is poor.

4. In the ‘CRAFTING’ tag I have two Inoculator blueprints with Omicron that are identical.

5. Did not receive my weekly upgrade chest.

6. (Not a bug but a suggestion) on the ‘SALVAGE’ tag - should the ‘Inspect Item’ screen be in the bottom right of the screen - so that you can see the results of the previous ‘Salvage Results’ display?

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More bugs in 2.0.0d (PC)
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3 years 159 days ago
Compensated you with a reward, in your inventory 2nd page. We took note of all the issues, test them with controllers thanks for the report!