Morality system


My character is now lvl 51, I've made at least 4 decisions during the story and only chose the Puritan choices yet the skill tree is still not accessible. I've even done like 15 of the daily random quests and chose just the Puritan option but its failed to open up that option. Also the Morality menu option is also greyed out. I've been looking every where online for an answer but nothing seems to apply to me. Is it not available on the Xbox One game? Because I see people using it on YouTube but they're on PC.

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Morality system
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245 days ago
Could you please tell me your Gamertag? I will check on your account and see if there is a problem with your Puritan skill tree.
247 days ago
You have to complate main and expansion story to unlock morality. This is how it is on PC (i dont have console version so i don't know if there are some differences).