Morality Decisions and Priority Missions


I reported morality decisions not being available in priority missions and Neocore confirmed they broke it. The last patch said it was fixed but i am still not getting any morality decisions and i have played many priority missions.

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Morality Decisions and Priority Missions
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2 years 134 days ago
I'm on PS4 and can confirm that, while I have seen one or two morality choices in priority missions since the game released, they are still extraordinarily rare. Far too rare to ever realistically rank up.
2 years 135 days ago

Could you please share the platform you are playing on? None of the priority assignments you get provide Puritan/Radical choices?

2 years 142 days ago
Until new content is released the only thing to do in this game is run warzones and farm morality points in priority missions. There hasn't been a morality decision in any of my priority missions for weeks now. You originally admitted something got broke in one of the patches but then claimed to have fixed it in the last PC patch... its not fixed. I have run dozens of priority missions with no morality choices being presented. Please fix immediately.