Morality bugged?


I select the appropriate response on a priority mission but the Morality bar never moves in either direction regardless of which path i choose.  Is the morality bar broken and/or is your selection just not registering in game????

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Morality bugged?
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97 days ago
Thank You.
98 days ago
I compensated some of your lost points! Our apologize for the inconvenience! 
98 days ago
Yes it was on PC.  My acct name is Dallaen and my character name is exactly the same.  It's hard to say how many times this has occurred but i can safely say at least a dozen or so times.  Each time i never get any morality movement.  
100 days ago

are you playing on PC?
There is an ongoing issue with the Morality decisions in Priority Assignments which will be resolved with the upcoming patch. Please tell me your account name, character name and the number of cases you had to make a decision!