Moar weapons plx!


Dunno if anyone has mentioned this before, but ima gonna ask.

Are there any plans to include the following in an update patch:-

Terminator armour - slower movement but allows one 2 handed weapon (ranged or melee) to be taken as though it were one handed
Lightning claws - single or double, movement penalty/slow attack if not taken with terminator armour.
Power fist - single only with movement penalty/slow attack if not taken with terminator armour.
Use of xenotech if you go down the redical path.

just a few thoughts on cool equipment additions that fall within established canon.

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Moar weapons plx!
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132 days ago
Well, I am in the impression that it may just happen, but it will certainly not be among the plans within the next 6 mths. And if they do not already have it on their Planning to do List, they certainly should write it down. And yes, that includes everything Xenotech Gear, plenty of other Weapons still not included, and the fact of Terminator Armour.

Because YES, there ARE those Inquisitors that definitely use Terminator Armour. But it is NOT a very common thing of Inquisitors of doing so, no.

134 days ago
Terminator armour - that to me is 100% certain to not be in this game. We're inquisitors, after all, not space marines. Unless they decide to develop a companion system (you can already purchase a space marine for a number of missions). But for us, inquisitors, no, it wouldn't really make sense.

Xenotech could be fun! They could add it as a new item quality category, with xenos visuals and the more you invest into radical path, the more powerful items you could use (we would then need also something for the puritan path). We already have an Ordo Xenos trader, so he could perhaps sell new xenotech blueprints for those with top reputation with him. But in that case they should probably add new items to all three Ordos, to give us all new toys... On the other hand, we already have morality (demonforged) items for the radical path, so there's that too.

In any case, if they do decide to add more weapons, such as xenotech, I don't think it will happen before the next expansion (if there will be an expansion), so this wish is probably fairly long-term.