MMO maybe


Maybe I don’t dare to hope, but still, the game will grow into an MMO?. Share your thoughts.

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MMO maybe
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239 days ago
This game? For MMO game? For my part, no thanks. But I do would welcome more Time specific Special Events with prizes only available in specific Events.

Maybe something League Event based things similar to something like they have in some of those other ARPGs games out there.

But I do guess there WILL come some kind of MMO game for Warhammer 40k one day. I know there were one title being worked on quite some time ago, but that got squished.

For my part I´m not that much interested in MMO games in general, since it´s pretty much just eating up your life.

247 days ago

too little players for mmo. but some public hub would be cool. where you can meet with the other players and go to the raid. Holy Ordos Temple for example.