missions and disconnections



So, as you can already assume, I was in a mission, I got a disconnection from my ISP for about 1 min, and so the game told me that I was disconnected from the server, to go back to the ship board. It was a Tarot mission, and so did I lost my Fate points, aswell as the loot. It's not your fault at all, it's from my ISP. Still, maybe you could do something about that, coz tons of players have ISPs that suck. 

Main leads would be to refund the price of the mission (here Fate since it's Tarot) if we got disconnected, or, even better, having an internal timer (5 minutes) and if connection isn't back during these 5 mins, then force to return on board, and refound the cost of the mission :)

Would be awesome, and would save your time later with all rageous gamers that will blame you for these lost. Somehow, people blame their ISPs for latencies on the web, but blame game devs when it concerns a game, whatever your servers are fine. 

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missions and disconnections
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6 years 291 days ago


Sure, you can have it. My IG name is "pluck", but since i bought it via steam, it is possible I am connecting with "xxpluckyxx". 

Still, can I ask why? 

6 years 291 days ago
Hi, can you give us your ingame account name? Thanks :)