Mission type


Mission idea

Name: Breakthrough

Type: Solo or group

Occurance: Random

Event: Occasionlly enough damage is done to a wall or floor section on a tileset during a mission to reveal an

opening to either an older part of the facility, an older facility that was forgotten about or an Ancient area

that had been sealed off long before. I am sure the timeframe and specifics can be made to suit many variations.

The first thing that would happen is you have a choice to go into the new opening or ignore it. It will stay

there for the duration of the mission until you exit or complete the objective with regard to the current mission.

The new tileset for purposes of risk VS. reward would take the combined total of your level and gear into factoring

what +1 to the difficulty over what you are equipped for. This difficulty factoring can of course be scaled to suit

many variations also.

Now my reasoning behind this is just to mix things up because you guys said you wanted "different" mission types

and i am sure this qualifies as different. Plus this would allow suprises that cannot be chosen ahead of time to

be placed in these missions or whatever fun you could come up with.

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Mission type
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7 years 114 days ago
Nice idea, I will post this to our feedback section!
7 years 114 days ago

Glad to be able to contribute, i also wanted to mention my own, "Thank you" to everyone at Neocore for allowing us players to help like this. Not many game companies do this, so again i am happy to try and help if and when i can. =)

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