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After my 500th mission in the Priority Mission generator fighting Dark Eldar, which are completely worthless to the Unsavory Business event, I thought I'd ask for a feature request.  Whatever is going on with that event is lost on me, since I can never seem to draw the right opponent to fight against.  I'm still supposed to be killing elites halfway into the time limit for the event.  But, by the Emporer, I've killed hundreds of thousands of aliens in the meantime....

I'm often looking for specific battle against specific enemies.  Sometimes it's Nurgle, for my Cabal directives, sometimes it's Word Bearers, sometimes I just like a change from the random army that Lady Luck randomly throws at me over and over again.

I would love for the already created Mission Deployment generator to go up to level 110 (105 is better, but some people would like the 110 I think).  I'm baffled that it only reaches level 70 for some reason.  Why is that?  It would be awesome if the Priority Mission from the astropath could be customized by enemy class and mission types.  Otherwise, I fear I'm going to make the Dark Eldar race become extinct and still never attain the goals of my Cabal or special events like Unsavory Business.

Thank you.

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Mission Suggestions
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