Mission spawn amongst large group of enemy/chamions; Relic drop rates abysmal while leveling.


Which genius decided that spawning at the start of a mission smack in the middle of a huge group of enemies was smart?

I undertand building in variety - but this is the second game behaviour I've reported in about a week that isn't being addressed in any useful way and is mission breaking for ranged or certain glass cannon builds.  Is a melee tank the only class you want people playing?

The more I try to experience variety in this game the more I realise that it is really limited.

A side point to make - as you have increasd the level cap you have made it near impossible for levelling players to find relics. Drop rates only seem to increase reasonably once you are over the item level cap. Since it has continued t o go up the grind from 0-70 is now far more painful than the initial one of 0-30 and so for the.

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179 days ago
We are checking on this one, thanks for the map information!
179 days ago
Still occurring.



Rebel Army

-3916.234619, -2035.115356

ZHope you can fix it as it's ridiculous to spawn in on top of two groups - one being a boss mob.

186 days ago

In case you play on PC and encounter a similar bug again where you have been teleported into the middle of an enemy group please type into chat /mapinfo and we will fix the spawn point! This is something very rare, should not occur twice.
The classes have their own advantages over the others but all of them are more or less balanced and we are planning to make them even more balanced with the announced 2.0 update!