Mission freezing on exit.


We don't get to play much but my two friends and I were very disappointed when we ran a void crusade and one of the missions just kicked us out because the server failed (couldn't get back into it) and the last mission in the void crusade just froze when we quit it.

After restarting the game and rejoining the group we were at the start of the last mission again, no loot and everything cleared out.

This has been happening to our group more and more often. Just randomly we won't be able to exit a mission after it has been completed.

I did find a new bug though where my character would randomly get stuck on things. He'd just fall over, stand up again and be stuck. Can't use any abilities except for the inoculation and I can only move again when something nudges me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also I had to create this post twice because the first one didn't post? Ahh yes, the validation doesn't appear when create post is click, it only appears after you click somewhere else.


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Mission freezing on exit.
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97 days ago
The reason we created a new backend for the game is precisely to remove these backend-related issues (frozen missions, timeouts, disconnections) which hopefully will significantly improve the player experience. The planned release of this new backend will be around the end of July if the testing phase goes well.

As for the stuck issue: do you have anything tips what is causing the issue? Anything can help our team.

102 days ago

After having this bug report ignored for a week I thought it might be helpful to upload a screen shot of our experience: https://ibb.co/rcX6SmX