Missing voices


A few voices are missing in some campaign missions. For example, during the final mission, The machine spirit of the martyr and Klosterheim doesn't speak at some point eventhough the subtitles are out. It also happens when the inquisitor meets Klosterheim for the first time. Klosterheim says "I'm ready for the sacrifice it takes. And should my plan succeed, we might meet again one day." but I can't hear the voice.

 A bunch of voices of the enemies are missing too. I mean, I've never heard what skulltakers say(like "charge!") during battles. Standard bearers say 'Focused fire!' with no voice. They don't even roar. Please fix this issue as fast as possible. As you guy know, voice is one of the most basic elements of any kind of game

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Missing voices
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343 days ago
Thanks for the details, we will check and correct the missing voices!