Missing Shaders bug on inquisitor 40 K


Game doesn't launch, repurchased a finish version of your game with all DLC during Skull 3 sale on steam

Still it does not launch

What can I do, I really enjoyed the van hielsing games and bought all 4, I really want to try inquisitor

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Missing Shaders bug on inquisitor 40 K
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1 year 10 days ago
Just as Rigg suggested if you use Windows7 and cannot launch the game please check on the first link. This issue is caused by a missing component for Windows7 users.
1 year 10 days ago

try this https://www.reddit.com/r/40kinquisitor/comments/5tdn2f/fix_d3dcompiler_47dll_is_missing/

and read this https://neocoregames.com/en/community/hub/official-known-issues-report-new-ones-here?orderby=best