Missing roadmap


Hi fellow crusaders,

I don't know if some of you have my missing roadmap over the future of the game? My old roadmap showed that there was a release the 30 of July for PC.

To the person having my roadmap, please return it, so I know what road to take in the future :P 

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Missing roadmap
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3 years 58 days ago

I hope that means they are revamping the road-map  to be  unified as one  " both PC and console will get new content at the same time " 

ofc it doesn't mean they will not fix things here 'n their while we wait for new contents

3 years 60 days ago

So any news on, what neocore is working on? 

3 years 72 days ago
seems they are kinda at low profile right now, looks like silence before something is gonna to happen :)
3 years 72 days ago
There is only one roadmap. It is not "the old" roadmap, it is the roadmap.
3 years 72 days ago
Yeah, a roadmap that actually tells us anything about what they are planning would be really nice. I mean sure, they are working on 2.0 and prophecy for consoles but we've known that for ages.
3 years 73 days ago
I am looking for a updated roadmap. I know were to find the old roadmap :P 
3 years 74 days ago


It's right there at the top of this site.