Missing Loot


On monday 6-5-17 I logged into game and received my weekly reward which had 2 pieces of purple loot. a shield and pistol. I accepted it and was given message that my inventory was full. I made space in my inventory and went to claim the loot (red icon in the upper left corner) and there was no icon and no loot. Normally I wouldn't care but, it was 2 purple items.

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Missing Loot
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7 years 24 days ago

Just an FYI, it happened again last night. Finished a mission, received reward. Was given inventory full message. Made room in inventory. Clicked the icon in the upper right corner and the loot never made it into my inventory and the icon disappeared. It did not go into storage either.

7 years 33 days ago
Thanks, we'll try and evaluate this problem. Can you give me an in-game account name please?
7 years 28 days ago

Ingame account is Edinazzu as well. Thank you.