Missing inventory


Like others here my inventory disappeared.  I completed a void crusade mission, then after hitting Quit the game sort of paused on an empty game field for a while, then finally when I reached the bridge my on-person inventory was gone.  This isn't a big deal, I go into missions empty so it was just mission loot, and my stasis casket was ok. 

Then  I did another mission, again it was weird when it ended but eventually did and went to the VC map, even credited me for an info.  Again my player storage was empty.  Then when checking my stasis casket, suddenly my player storage was totally full, and my stasis was EMPTY.  So I have three pages of trash weapons and nothing else but what I was wearing.

Is this being addressed, and can I have a restore point done?  There is a rash of this happening, what is going on?

I already submitted to the bug report site.  If I can't be restored I'm simply going to stop playing, if I can't trust my progress will be saved why bother?

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Missing inventory
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194 days ago
I just wanted to report that my inventory has been restored, and besides that all is well.

Unfortunately no new Daemonforged relics showed up in my storage, like a Warp Wand that explodes on kill, but at least I have my stuff back!  Thanks.

196 days ago

We are currently investigating the problem, this is currently the highest priority issue. Our team will do everything to restore all the lost items. Our apologize for the caused inconvenience.

We will spread the news once we fixed the issue and/or (at least) restored the items.