Missing enemies...


Of all the races I have battled throughout the galaxy, the Ork is the hardest to comprehend. They wage war with machines that should not work, care little for strategic gains, and are just as likely to slaughter each other as the enemy. How does one battle an enemy that defies all logic?


The orks are many and everywhere, but this game I have yet to see them. Are we working on a dlc campaign add on for the Waaagghh! I mean in the table tops orks were formidable and in a lot of lore in the codex. I for one would love to battle the great 

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

Or even a group of Nobs or some ork boyz and gretchin hordes together. Where are they at? Maybe a sacrifice to Gork and Mork ork gods needs to be done. Praise the Emperor. Blessed are the Ultramarines and Blood Angels in battle. Thanks for letting me rant about a ferocious enemy not found.

Irishoverkill (Xbox)

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Missing enemies...
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