missing attribute points


So, I made level 20 tonight, yay!

On the level up screen it said I had got 1 Attribute Point and I also completed the Heroic Deed for levelling to max level however I had no attribute points to spend :(

I did however have 1 extra skillpoint, 3 instead of 2 so im guessing one of them went there for some reason but the other is AWOL!

I think I might be missing another one from a previous level as I thought it said +1 Attribute point but I had none to spend, I just thought I'd misread but after this I think it might have just not given it to me.

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missing attribute points
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6 years 317 days ago

same issue here , no attribute points from charachter level progress available

6 years 358 days ago

Several Deeds to no register as of now. You could add "The only cure" to that.

6 years 359 days ago


Despite popping up and saying I had completed the Heroic Deed for getting a character to max level it appears that it didn't actually complete as its still in my list of "in progress" deeds.

So, I got 3 Skill points for level 20 instead of 2 skill and 1 attribute that it said I should have and No Turning Back is bugged for me.

Also the Purifying Flames Deed is bugged too, not getting and Heat damage registered.

6 years 359 days ago

I got some Ability Points for leveling up. Thought it is the same as Attribute Points but i had none to spend as well.