Mind Reset & negative skill points



there is a problem involving Mind Reset consumable. After using it on the bridge and launching a campaing mission, during which you reassign the skill points to another tree and then cancel the mission, resetted skills are reappearing along with the negative points.

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Mind Reset & negative skill points
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1 year 356 days ago
We will re-check this issue, sorry for the trouble!
1 year 357 days ago
The same thing happen to me, well the negative skill points were showing but I wanted to do a skill change. I used a mind reset and it did nothing. I restarted the game and still nothing happen. I ended up buying a mind reset off the vendor and used it and it worked I reset my points in a tree and now I just lost the passive points
1 year 357 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 1 year 357 days ago
Are you experiencing this issue after Patch v2.1.1 as well?

Yeah, it still happen on the latest patch.

On an off-topic and related issue that came with the same patch:

Can you ask them to revert what was done to the controller aim? That snap it have now is based on the camera direction and not on the char, it break the fluidity of the battle, specially for melee builds.

If I face an enemy that is on the bottom of the screen and try to use a skill, the char turn around to an enemy that is far on the top of screen instead.

Before the patch was pretty good for ARPG standards.

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1 year 357 days ago
Are you experiencing this issue after Patch v2.1.1 as well?
1 year 357 days ago
Yeah the bug still persist, but there's a way to avoid it, so far I tested last night here for 3 times and it worked well.

When you reset a tree, don't expend any point yet, just close the window, then you can open again and expend your points.

You have to do that every time you reset a tree, it's annoying I know, but at least you won't have that issue, I'm still doing this to see if it will really be fine.

So far so good.