Melee, cleave and mobility


I feel like melee in general is a lot of running from guy to guy, killing them off one by one in about three hits while being bombarded with a hail of bullets from every angle. It's slow and gets tedious. Especially as your suppression goes down. Perhaps I'm hoping for a faster pace to the game than is intended. Though the ranged pacing seems quicker.

I feel like in a big mob of guys melee should feel like you're chainsawing/hacking/sledging through a grouped up bunch of meat watermelons. But the cleave abilities do not do that. You're lucky to hit two guys at a time, luckier still, you might hit three. I feel like the arc and the range needs to be bigger. 

Another problem is knockback. I had a situation where I was able to hit two guys at once with my cleave. Which is about the best I can hope for at the moment. The cleave hit them both, and knocked back one. I got 4 swings in before the knocked back guy was back in range to be hit. And he didn't really get knocked back very far at all. It would have been just as quick or quicker to kill them individually.

In my mind if you're slow and under constant fire, jogging from guy to guy and maybe getting a few clumped up packs, you should be a wrecking ball of destruction once you get to them.

If rocket jump is supposed to help with that mobility it needs some attention. You can't go very far, there are pathing issues, and the animation time and speed of the jump means you're really not getting anywhere much faster than if you just ran over there. It would be cool rocket jumping or rocket charging from guy to guy or group to group and getting that real sense of satisfaction with sound, visuals, and damage when half a ton of heavy armour and a humongous shield smashes into them. 

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Melee, cleave and mobility
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7 years 148 days ago
Hmm Odd, I must be playing my ranged guy wrong then lol. I find with a respectable suppression stat I found I clear twice as fast on my melee build than I do on my ranged build.

2 handed weapons could really use a buff though, and a charge would make melee game play so much smoother.

7 years 150 days ago
Game kNight
Yes melee could use a charge indeed. 

Nades and jump are a way to reduce the feeling but thanks to CD and limited charges it doesnt feel good from times to times. 

And I cannot imagine an Inquisitor not being able to charge on his foe to be honest.

7 years 150 days ago
Got to Agree on the underwhelming feeling of Melee at present outside of the Shield Slam on nurglings to wipe out a horde that is.

It does seem slow and cumbersome to close ground and then start clearing out, if there was some form of passive charge linked to the active mouse button attacks. maybe even only the Cleave, Could even have it tied to be double the CD of the attack to limit it becoming a Spam/Imbalance issue 

7 years 150 days ago
I suggest adding a 'charge' into the left mouse button attack that would activate if you are more than 2-3 meters away, up to maybe 6-7 meters, from your taget and make the character run at twice the speed. This could enhance the pacing of melee.

I've got to agree with the arc and range on cleave, it seems underwhelming at times - I did manage to hit 4 enemies at once one time during my latest run though.

I think instead of a knockback, which makes no sense on a melee character BTW, it should be a 'stagger' chance. This would offset the enemies balance for a second in effect cancelling attacks. This would make the enemies stay in the formation and able to be cleaved once more.