Martyr bug report


When shot it(Barrel) I experience instant freezing and audio repetition and have to reset pc nearly every time, sometimes i can hit it without blowing it up, once i did get to see the explosion,  but the rest have been game crashes.

With Regards, Redeemer

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Martyr bug report
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7 years 120 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, we are already aware of this issue, and  I have added this to our bug tracker. We'll try and fix this ASAP.

In the meantime, you can try verify game integrity via Steam and making sure you are using the newest, v0.1.2 build (Main menu, bottom right corner).

6 years 256 days ago

1. When I am trying to play Coop its showing Server Refused Connection. while i could see others are joining the game and playing it without any problem.

2. now when i am trying to play solo when i click on start it goes totally black with the theme music playing in background. i have even waited for hours but nothing happened the only choice i had was ALT F4 to quite the game.

3. I had created a Cabal Group. but now its showing i m not in the group. when clicking on cabal icon its showing Create and Find. funny thing is i cant even create a group nor i can apply for any. because its showing i am already in cabal. and when i am check out my profile its showing Application Pending.

I have deleted the game for around 4 time and even deleted my characters. but no Luck. I am unable to play the game anywhere. its like i got stuck and i cant do anything about it.

My in-game account name is mashwinrk.

Let me know if anything can be done