Male & FeMale Characters for all classes?


I have been playing the alpha for a while and like a lot of the work going on.  I am trying to get my wife to play as she likes Diabloesc games. However, she doesn't like playing a male character nor do I like playing a female.  I have been a Warhammer fan since the late 70's.  I know there are male and female inquisitors as well as other classes.  Are we going to be able to choose this feature towards release?  Again so far the game is fun and tough!

This may have been asked already but I could not find one.

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Male & FeMale Characters for all classes?
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6 years 216 days ago

My thought's are there are so many thing more worthwhile to be spending there time on. Once there is nothing else to work on yes it would be great.

6 years 210 days ago

Afaik it's been stated it won't happen. Partial reason was lore. But the other being the quantity of work it entails, which is apparently a lot more than just making a new skin. 

6 years 189 days ago

Seriously? You're like 5 pixels tall. What difference does it make? I'm not a magical wolf spirit in real life, but I still played Okami HD.

6 years 210 days ago

Thank you Christs for the feedback.  Note that I am fully aware of all the items that need to be worked on.  As there are many testers that are sharing that information.  I was kind of looking for "Yes" - but it is number 1435 on the list of things to do. Or, even "No" as there are a lot of games that gender is set in stone.  That's all.

I am enjoying the game even though it kicks my behind more often than not!

Again thank you!