MAJOR Multiple Issues Related to Non Season Intels Plauyable by Seasonal Characters


Any active but not completed non seasonal intels are available on the seasonal star map and playable by seasonal characters.

This is cool, it allows you to play +8 or +10 or +lots missions to just enjoy the game at a higher challenge, BUT, I'm pretty sure it is also causing issues in other aspects of the game.

We have been experiencing loot from missions not appearing in your inventory when you get back to the commansd bridge all season,

We did one yesterday (because if your non serasonal has more then 20 missions active and not played (some modifiers you leave to later see) then you can't see the lower ones on your characters and have to guestimate where they are on the star charts if you tabbed back to bridge to apply buffs etc for the intel mission and forgot where it is), and had issues related to forging at the tech priest - we can click construct then it greys out and we can't access the item crafted because it didn't craft. there are some issues there where your materials are used as well even though the crafted item didn't craft. Once 12ish hours ago, a blueprint use disappeared trying to craft. Sometimes more materials then are requyired are used (5 reds instead of 3 for example, and then the craft disapppears and didn't craft but mats are gone).

There are a lot of issues here.

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238 days ago
We are currently investigating the Intel and crafting issues. Thanks for these reports, we will check them all!