Main Storage is gone


Yoo devs,... as of today i done one mission i think it was the new intel rare missions and i lost all my storage inventory,.... can you plz check what happened!"!!! this is why you should have open beta !"! since you so refuse it to release now we suffer your mistakes !!! ingame name is Amkonidas. 

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Main Storage is gone
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3 years 345 days ago
Strix Amko
Thanks for the additional details!
3 years 346 days ago
ok....well you deploy today one patch,...and i got some items back....and was hoping you fix the inventory but....i place them back in storage/inventory and wolaaaaa... :I :D they gone again... soo problem is still there.... mybe its something whit internet connection since as of today storage/inventory is laggy and take time to load... ok well best of luck :D
3 years 346 days ago

we are already checking what could cause the item loss. We would like to ask your kind patience until we resolve the issue!