Mailbox system on consoles (Xbox and Playstation)


Good day developers I wish to have some discussion on the missing Mailbox system or even better it's implementation on consoles. I fail to see why it is not available on consoles when it has been present on PC for quite some time now. The system will greatly influence the cabal I am in and also bring more meaning to playing and working with others in the game. I know it is not a breaking feature as never heard it having any problems on PC for the culture of the game and could we please see some parity on all systems for the Mailbox to be added.

Kind regards,

Your console community.

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Mailbox system on consoles (Xbox and Playstation)
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2 years 228 days ago
Give it to us console players. Justice for consoles, everything else is Heresy.
2 years 229 days ago
Definitely a hugely beneficial feature and a number of my Channel subs always ask about it. This is a much needed addition please.
2 years 229 days ago
Hi devs, I second this. The implementation of of a mailbox would be very helpful. We've had a heap of new players on xbox. Ive been playing since launch and help run a cabal and it would be a lot easier to keep my members engaged if I could interact with more and help them along by giving them items to buff their characters.