Mail Returned Item not there..


Sent an item out to a friend and accidental sent it to the wrong person. Been waiting for it to come back since that person hasn't played in like 100 days. Well... mail came back to return the item and the item wasn't attached... The mail inventory was empty... Item was a high lvl Eye Implant Archotech 6 enchant for Sniper and Aimed Dam Bonus. Tried to hit retrieve item and then relogged to see if it would pop up in my inventory... No Luck...Can you guys take a look and see what the system did with it? 

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Mail Returned Item not there..
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109 days ago

E-Mail Sent, and I get it bud, it would open up the flood gates of people claiming to have missing mailed items. Just reporting the bug, So you all can have a look at what happened. 

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110 days ago
I'm afraid we cannot restore the item. :/

Please send me a PM about the issue: [email protected]

111 days ago
It is forever lost in the Warp.