Mail and controllers and perks and blueprints


So...there's still no way to access mail with a controller plugged in. If I want to mail someone in the cabal, I have to unplug controller, reboot game, log back in, then mail, then log back out. I'm hoping this is temporary?

I still don't understand why heroic deeds, blueprints, and whatever else are not sorted by class? I don't care if a crusader has to kill 1000 nurglings to get his +1 stat. I'm a psyker. Why not just filter it out of my list? Or give me a toggle, at least, to see only class specific heroic deeds? 

Because where this really becomes a problem is, blueprints. With 50,000 credits for any decent blue print, not knowing specifically if your class can even use a weapon before you buy it can do a lot of damage to a new player's build/advancement attempts. We need to either filter out non-class specific gear from the list. Or at least warn us that unless we're buying it for an alt we can't use it. 

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Mail and controllers and perks and blueprints
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