Maelstorm might be hitting harder than it should


I really don't want this fixed if it is bugged because it's fun but..

Maelstorm for me says it's dps is lower than Bio-Lightning and yet it is somewhere around 5-10 times as strong if not more.  Some of that comes from the fact that it instantly triggers 10 stacks of vulnerability but this doesn't explain where the rest of the strength comes from.

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Maelstorm might be hitting harder than it should
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96 days ago
We borrowed your Psyker (you can play with it without any problem) and will check your gear. Thanks for the details!
96 days ago
Ok tested it a bit more and it's vulnerability stacking up so fast that if i hit bio-lightning after Maelstorm it does more damage. It does look like it's the vulnerability stacks 10 times and 10 stacks of general vulnerability that I get from my 24% chance to cause general vulnerability on debuff.

The one thing that's still OP about Maelstorm is it is racking up hits for the vulnerability mastery at a rate so fast that I have permanant 10 stacks of vulnerability and possibly another 10 stacks of general vulnerability with an extra +50% from Dirty Fighting for the 10 general vulnerability.

I do love how op I am but perhaps it should scale more slowly then this?

97 days ago

We will look into this, thanks for the report!

UPDATE: the skills got checked, without any passive skills or mastery Bio Lightning issues way more damage than the Maelstrom. Check if the skill does not get extra damage from a passive skill or something. 

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