Low visibility issues


Hello! I have been testing Inquisitor Martyr for few days now, and I have one issue that I can't see anybody mentioned so far. While entering new rooms, wall above the door usually covers so much of new chamber (despite the transparency effect), that I have trouble identifying enemies there. I feel like wall transparency effect should start from a bit bigger distance from the door, and cover much more space.

Another thing is, that while playing with demolition armour I often used missile barrage right after entering new room, and sometimes that barrage got aimed on the wall above the door instead of enemy. It seems to be happening when the transparency effect isn't fully uncovering targeted unit.

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Low visibility issues
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7 years 123 days ago

Having played the game for a few days now this is the only real thing I would have to complain about as well, the angle of the camera as you enter a room inhibits your ability to see into the room because of the wall around the doorway as you enter.

7 years 123 days ago
I would like to add to this - I think the angle of the camera is a bit off when zooming in, it should be a bit more upwards, so you can see further ahead (so zooming in should head towards level of the map and not just straight down)

Just my thoughts

7 years 123 days ago

Thank you for your feedback! Added to my notes.