[PC] Lost Everything in Storage


Was managing my inventory, on the bridge.  Went to access my ship storage, game looked like it went into a hanging state, trying to load the storage.  After about 45 seconds, the "load" finished, and my entire ship storage, all four tabs, was empty.  Had tons of shards, psalms, consumables, and gear (including seasonal).

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[PC] Lost Everything in Storage
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1 year 75 days ago

Looks like My inventory came back on the non-seasonal.  Thank you!

1 year 77 days ago

Similar situation happened to me yesterday on my PS4.  I started an emerald void crusade with my lvl 84 Crusader and all my gear was gone on the first mission.  Everything.  I abandoned the crusade, went back the main bridge and still everything gone: my equipped gear, gear in storage and I noticed that all my previously known blueprints are gone.  Tried logging out and back in over a period of hours but it's all still gone.  I've tried contacting Neocore through chat but that's not getting anywhere.  

1 year 77 days ago
Brother Kundari

No, I had already transferred / salvaged / spent everything from my seasonal to my non-season.  I was levelling a Psyker, to see if I want to play one next season.  Had been in and out of the storage multiple times, went to go in again to see if I had any gear that I was now level enough to use, and that's when the whole thing froze, then just gave me empty slots.  I was almost completely full on all four.  I'm OCD enough that I had psalms and shards separated and organized, different lot by type across the tabs.  Now, it's empty.

1 year 78 days ago
I just think your Storage went from Seasonal Casket to your normal Casket. Or vice versa.