Looting, and game crashes - loot filters, and no drops


When I'm farming, I do it with gear that has +quality/quantity on it. This increases amount of drops substantially, and fills my bag up halfway into a mission. 

At first I attempted to discard items, but it has a +50% chance to crashing my game. It's a 100% chance if you try to discard items near items on the floor, since it seems the game tries to auto-loot now that you have space. 

So I turned on loot filters. It was great, up until I realized that leaving all the loot on the ground made certain enemies stop dropping loot, particularly the seasonal void skull (Ive lost so many keys). This issue was more evident during the week of the hoard event, due to the increased drop chance. It also seems that in coop if all players have loot filters, the game is counting everyone's drops on the ground towards the limit.

Now I find myself having to choose between either risking crashing the game, or ignoring the void skull plunder things. If there was an easier way to discard items, similar to the salvage where you discard all items by quality, I wouldn't need to use loot filters, or there needs to be an increase on max drops on map.

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Looting, and game crashes - loot filters, and no drops
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205 days ago
I asked my testers back in November to pay attention to this item deletion stuff when they do their regular tests. No sucess so far, they haven't reported back any crashes. 

Still, I'm aware that this issue exists since players occasionally reported the same at the end of Supreme missions in VC. But we (including me) ran numerous supreme missions and tried to delete items with new drops littered on the floors. No success here either. Borrowing characters did not help either. So we don't know what is going on here.

277 days ago
Have the Lootfilters on as in Standard. Don´t mix with it at all. Pick up everything.

I never mixed/messed with it in the Options at all, and never ever had any issues.