Loot on Hardcore Void Crusades


So after the last patch I did run 2 Hardcore Void Crusades in my usual manner. Without hardcore I end up at 500-530% end loot. Now its around 750-775%. Thas fine so far as it should be. I do +9 or +10 mission for supreme usually. While on paper I should get noticeable more loot I did not feel getting more relic, archeotech and morality overall as before. One reason could be that I used to use the "heretic forge" tarot card for the supreme mission in hope of bossting my end loot. In hardcore such cards are not available anymore. Can you carify that those cards indeed have an impact on my reward chests loot and if so, it would make hardcore pretty senseless, because I sacrifice the usage of this card by taking extra risk, but not effectively extra rewards in the end?! Or did the card never boost my loot and it was just bad luck these 2 trials? Should I use the tarrot card instead that has chances for droping an additional item for  supreme mission?

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Loot on Hardcore Void Crusades
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3 years 46 days ago
I also finished a void crusade complete  on Hardcore and the morality chest didn´t drop a single morality thing like a weapon or else. Thats a very bad loot.