Loot is still broken in co-op!


After 2.0 on Xbox we no longer get loot in co-op. After the mission we no longer have anything we picked up in the mission. We quit playing a couple months ago because of the game breaking bug and we came back for the new expansion hoping it would be fixed but it's still broken. Is there a fix?

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Loot is still broken in co-op!
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147 days ago
Its a know thing, happens in coop and to fix it quickly - just relogin.
148 days ago
This Is a bug how ever the loot shows up after the next mission is completed. Ive ran into this many times. During the mission you can check you loot and if its not in your inventory at the end of it. Complete one more mission and it should load in with all the loot from both missions.
148 days ago
Do you still experience this? 

We made a couple of runs in coop recently and the items were properly collected and remained in the inventory.
In case the issue still occurs could you share your Gamertags with us? We would like to check your accounts and borrow your characters (they will left untouched on your end no worries) to see if they are in any way broken. 

150 days ago

There were 3 of us playing on the same wifi on Xbox and after 3 missions we noticed that 2 of the 3 people in our party didn't have anything in their inventory even though they had been picking up plenty of items in the mission. They restarted their games and there was still nothing. I'll check again today to see if anything showed up. This also happened to us a couple times shortly after 2.0 came out to console so we stopped playing for a while wait for it to be resolved

151 days ago

We haven't found any similar issue during our internal tests but we will immediately check this out. Thanks for reporting it!

Could you please tell whether the items do not appear in your inventory which you looted in the mission or no items get dropped in the mission? How many run did you make if I may ask? 

Also please check whether after a relog the items reappeared in your inventory!

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