Loot drops buged for Tech Adept


Just wanted to add that it looks like either kills by constructs or Tech Adept as class has buged loot drops. 20+ Intel missions not a single Tarot Upgrade or Empyrean seal drop from mobs. This was all done at around lvl 82. Loged on my low lvl Crusader. Very first random mission with tarot cards had 2 tarot upgrade items drop from mobs and than when doing first intel mission had 4 empyrean seals and 2 tarot upgrades drops. It is almost impossible that this is due to bad luck. Also when using minor tarot to increase drop chance on tarot upgrades and seals I get so many green purity seal item drops when playing Tech Adept. Something looks wrong with item drops.


Also to add kills by constructs for unlocking ancient relic stats dont work. Can say for sure those that require for example "Kill 10 elite Tyranids" will not count if constructs kill them.

Edit 2:

6 or 7 more intel missions on Tech Adept with Venom and not a single empyrean seal or tarot card drop from mobs. Switched to crusader and was writing down drops. Worst mission was with one seal and one tarot drop and rest were raining cards. This was all done solo. Think they drop normally when playing with others. Will check later when friend comes online.

Oh and almost forgot to mention blueprints drop regularly for crusader yet not for tech adept. Something is definitely wrong here.

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Loot drops buged for Tech Adept
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3 years 100 days ago
We will get the construct kill count issue fixed with the next patch!

The other issue is also under investigation already, expect a fix on this as soon as possible!