Looking to remove the chat window


I'd love to be able to move or otherwise close/remove the chat window. Alternatively, a way to leave the general chat - I checked the options and the /help menu, but nothing seemed to jump out.

Is it possible to do yet? If not, I'd suggest it as an eventual feature. I keep losing screen real estate to conversations I really have no interest in. 

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Looking to remove the chat window
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6 years 335 days ago
Thank you for the feedback! Added to our feature requests. 
6 years 311 days ago

Hey Morzan i want to talk with u

6 years 310 days ago
Keilor Doomfang
O hey! Sure, you can reach me nearly everywhere. :)
6 years 338 days ago

I agree. It covers part of the inventory screen, so if chat is active i cannot access items on the lower part. Also in missions it gets in the way of your mouse, so i cannot move/shoot to the part that is covered. In sticky situations it can mean life and death.

6 years 337 days ago

Currently the only in game work around for this is to start a Cabal and sit in the cabal chat window. 

I would agree that some form of chat options are needed and would say they are already awaiting implementation due to being much needed imo.

I would hazard a guess we got the chat we have so as to help finding coop matches etc easier and info about the game readily available to all (when posted in chat)  

6 years 337 days ago

It would be nice to be able to disable the chat. 

Not that I mind seeing a bit of general chatting while I'm playing, but it does get in the way of actually playing the game by blocking part of the screen.

At the very least, it should be made transparent to the mouse so you can still click on things behind it.