Long Las Deamon Forged Buggy?


Hi i got myself an demonforged Long Las Rifle and noticed some strange behaviour. Very often the Position of my Char and the Abilltys of my Rifle mismatch. I switch on this gun run a few meters and when i use any abillity nothing happens. Later i found that when i use it after only a few meters my shoots appear behind me as if my position is saved when i switch to this weapon.

In case it matters my morallity is not high enough to use the special of the Longlas. I will see if it changes when im Radical enough.

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Long Las Deamon Forged Buggy?
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2 years 330 days ago
yeah i noticed the same. but not only on demonforged. the 4th ability on the longlas rifle almost everytime bugged out. the laser appeared few meters near my character
2 years 332 days ago
We will get the issue fixed as soon as possible! Thanks for reporting the case!