Logitech G-13 keyboard conflict


For some reason my logitech g-13 gamepad (add-on programmable keyboard) is causing a problem in game version 0.7.0. Basically, no controls WHATSOEVER work when my g-13 is plugged in. Click to move doesn't work, arrow keys don't work. NOTHING on either keyboard works. Clicking off the "enable controller" button in the options menu doesn't work either. Now that I'm sitting here typing this I suspect, and need to test, that it might be the analog stick on the side of my g-13 causing the conflict. This needs fixing since the default keyboard control layout is garbage IMO, and my g-13 was the best way to fix that.

Edit: It's not the analog stick. Whatever is causing the conflict is preventing ANY input from working other than "mouse over" highlighting. no clicking from the mouse, no key inputs, no analog stick on my g-13. NOTHING. I guess I won't be testing 0.7.0 until this gets patched. Tell me again how putting the manual movement on arrow keys and all the rest of the controls by WASD was a GOOD idea?

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Logitech G-13 keyboard conflict
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