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I keep getting the "you have been disconnected from login sever" msg at the end of every mission ... so every mission I play I get no reward and no loot at all again

so there is no point in playing the game until they fix this

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login server
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7 years 52 days ago

well after this patch the bug is still here ... different but still here

at the end off the game I click accept .... then I get the you've been disconnected from logging server before I got out of the game ... then the game send me back top my ship instead of menu then I got a msg to accept pending reward but it look like I cant accept it .... so I leave and then come back to my char ...and then nothing no loot in my inventory nothing ... but it look like the mission I did his not there anymore ... so at least I don't have to play the same mission again and again ... but still no loot at all

7 years 53 days ago
There is no ETA yet.
7 years 54 days ago

any ETA on next patch?

7 years 63 days ago

I can do the mission without any problems but as I accept the leave request at the end or just wait for the timer to run down I get back to the station and after i would say 10 seconds the game tells me "You have been disconnected from the Login Server. returning to Main Menu." This happens everytime.

The blackscreen happens only if I Switch into another menu like the inventoryscreen or skilltree.

On a side note: Can someone tell me if there is a way to disable the spelling checker in the forum? 

7 years 63 days ago

after the last patch it work for something like 2 missions then it never worked again ... all mission type ... didn't try tarot mission

7 years 63 days ago

well when I get the msg and click ok it send me back to the character selection screen no black screen ... I can click play and go back on my character but if I try another mission I get the same msg

7 years 63 days ago

Yes exactly the same. Whenever I "finish" a Mission and return to the station I get a message like Skarlan88 "You have been disconnected from the login server" and it attempts to reconnect, after the reconnect the Screen becomes black and I have to restart the game. At the end I get no experience, loot or progress for the mission done. 

I tried it both with a normal small purge and an Investigation, on now 3 different days, still the same issue. :)

7 years 64 days ago
Do you have the same issue?
7 years 64 days ago

Is there allready an ETA for the fix? It is not unplayable... but kills almost all fun if you can't Level up or get any loot :)

7 years 67 days ago
Thanks for the report! Added to our bug list and will be fixed as soon as possible.