I don't want to just whine about how awful the German translation of the Martyr game content is right now. I'd rather help out correcting it. I mean, it's really bad. So bad that you just can't get the meaning of certain sentences every now and then. They're not only wrong, they are wrong beyond recognition.

You see, just using the "bug report" function would be a solution. But given the number of incorrect lines, it would be a hilarious piece of work. And I'm not paid for this. If there was an interface which would allow me to see the English version, the "German" version that exists right now plus a window which can be used to insert the corrected text, it would be a big help. And I would totally use it. Up to the point where we have a proper German translation. But that right there is just ... nothing. I can see that an effort was made. But it was made by the wrong person.

#1 rule of translation: You always translate the foreign language into your mother tongue. Never the other way round.

So I'm ready to help out, if only.

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