Little suggestion for ranged weapons


So some of the ranged weapons have a skill that lets them retreat while maintaining fire while some weapons do not. This seems off as im not aware of any weapon that cant be fired while walking backwards. It would be nice if the Skill was removed and for quality of life was simply made a default ability for all weapons, as in hold "A" to advance towards a group of enemys while fireing your weapon and hold "S" to retreat while fireing your weapon. Even if it is the generic left/right mouse button attacks that would be fine or even any ability that wouldnt lock you on activation like the sniper shots on some weapons. 

This would free up the retreating fire skill that some weapons have for something else and add 2 abilitys to every weapon in the game allowing for more variety in play.

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Little suggestion for ranged weapons
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7 years 25 days ago

I like where you are going with this but can't say i'd be totally for "every" weapon being able to shoot and retreat. The reason being is that it would make a lot of the melee mobs a little redundant and less threatening. The option of standing or retreating but not doing both it kind of integral to ARPGs for me at least. Clicking back and forth is one of the few things you actually have to do in ARPG combat so if you take that away from me I might get a little bored! :D 

That being said I think you are definitely onto something here... if we could perhaps "expand" some of the skills with Key-combos such as this I think everyone would be totally for that. Great idea.